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„New Stories from Khayelitsha 2020“

The Show „Khayelitsha“ by Winston Ruddle and Hubert Schober (who created among others the legendary show „Afrika! Afrika!“) has already fascinated more than 300.000 people from London to Paris and from Helsinki to New York since 2014. From December 2019 till February 2020 this most successful production of CIRCUS MOTHER AFRICA will return to Germany, Austria and Switzerland during its European Tour. With new spectacular showacts, powerful music and passionate dances exclusively African artists will guarantee 100% love of life.

Powerful, passionate and full of love for life

Powerful, passionate and full of love for life the African the exceptionally talented artists of  MOTHER AFRICA take their audience into one of the biggest townships in South Africa: Khayelitsha. In the middle of the extraordinary stage setting of shanties and cardboard stands, between street vendors and jugglers the „New Stories from Khayelitsha 2020“ present an – admittedly very exceptional – day in the township. Young men are competing with breathtaking acrobatics for the favour of women, whereas women themselves demonstrate their skills to the men. This means singing, dancing and laughing together to the uplifting music of the MOTHER AFRICA Band but also reflecting South-African history.

 „During the Sixties of the past century the townships were the result of an inhuman policy of racism“, says Winston Ruddle, born in Zimbabwe. „Nowadays they are a symbol for our awareness of Africa. In many brains the opinion out of the times of colonialism in this continent will still survive. “Of course, there are terrible wars and conflicts in some parts of Africa, areas of great poverty, concern and depression – but there are also places of pure love for life and they dominate the heart of the Show Khayelitsha“.

The „NEW STORIES FROM KHAYELITSHA 2020“ highlight the life, joy and the many talents of this cultural melting pot. The common pictures of Africa will be presented with “a tongue in cheek” or caricatured with jauntiness.

MOTHER AFRICA – More than just a circus show

Being the only African Circus production, the project has been offering artists of the “Dark Continent” continuously and sustainably the possibility to act on international stages for more than 15 years. Up to now this production has opened the gates to a worldwide career for more than one hundred talents – and fascinated more than over 1,5 million people all over the world. The spectacular themed shows of MOTHER AFRICA provide a journey through the continent showing not only marvellous entertainment, rhythm and superior artistic performances but also Africa’s cultural variety and feeling for life – so that it can be experienced by the audience.

„A continental feast for the eyes and the ears“

The New York Times, USA

„Think Cirque Du Soleil with an abundant African flavour“

Australian Stage, Australia

„It’s the Lion king on steroids“

Dominion Post, New Zealand

„A sunshine safari for the mind!“

Grimsby Telegraph, UK

„Ambassadors of a new Africa. A perfect mix of music, dance and high class acrobatics – and always with a smile!”“

El Pais, Spain

„Enough energy to light Manhattan“

The Huffington Post, USA

„Joyful and dazzling - Mother Africa is out of this world.“